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The torsion & extension springs are the essential parts of your garage door's balance system. The springs help you raise the door that raises hundreds of pounds effortlessly & quickly. If the spring is broken, it won't raise or low the door. So, for garage door spring service call Garage Door Repair Denton TX

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Signs Of Broken Door Springs

Broken & damaged door springs can easily be noticed as they make themselves apparent immediately. Nowadays, most modern garage doors come with two springs, so when one stops, your door will still function properly. However, it shouldn't stay in this case for a while. The two springs should take the load of your door.

When you have a broken spring, here what you will notice, the door won't rise even when the motor is running. The engine struggles to raise or lower the door, there is a loud grinding or squealing noise, and the door springs separated into two parts. When you find any of these signs, call Garage Door Repair Denton TX.

Garage Door Spring
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Garage Door Spring Repair

Restore Your Door's Counterbalance System

The garage door spring replacement process in Denton, Texas, is hazardous & complicated if you did it on your own and wrongly. It's ideal to leave this task for a professional who knows how to remove old springs carefully and then install the new one. At Garage Door Repair Denton TX, we provide a full spring replacement service.

Our technicians will start by disconnecting your door from the motor to avoid any door opening during the installation process. Then, unplug the spring from the counterbalance system to safely remove it. After installing the new springs and tightening them to the appropriate tension and testing the door itself, now it's safe to use your door.

Dangers Of Garage Door Springs

Garage door spring replacement isn't a DIY project. You should not replace or adjust springs if you aren't expert or adequately well-trained or have the essential tools. While installing the new springs, they place under great tension, which makes it under high pressure. Without the experience, necessary tools, the wrong size replacement can damage the garage door and its opener.

Garage door spring replacement is one of the standards and essential repairs that people ask us at Garage Door Repair Denton TX for. Count on our specialized techs to get the proper spring setup, wire size, length, etc. We ensure you spring replacement that balances the door weight ideally to easily open & shut your door manually or automatically at the cheapest prices.

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